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Marriage proposal in Greece

Anywhere in the world you 're, you want your marriage to look like a dream!
In Greece you will find the most beautiful landscapes in the world to frame  yourself - the bride and groom . The good weather will endorse the perfection of this scene also!

The symbolisms and wishes, the wonderful memories and the honeymoon which follows will accompany you for a lifetime !
Athos, Chios, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, simply choose which region of Greece offers you that dream and find the right professionals to help you !

The wedding customs of this country with the rich culture  are different  from place to place and from ancient times until today. Let's meet some of them:

In Ancient Greece  the bride was accompanied from her home to the church by torchlight , while after the end of the ceremony and celebration, relatives accompanied the couple to the bedroom with songs and dances.

 The wedding dress was usually a simple white dress , symbolizing joy, while behind was a very tight knot, which should solved by the groom .

Especially in Athens marriage lasted three days. During the first day of the wedding the bride's father made offerings to the gods and the bride gave her childhood toys to the goddess Artemis.
The future spouses were took their bath with water brought from a sacred spring , Kallirhoe .
 On the second day the father of the bride offered  the wedding meal  and the bride was taken to her new home.
On the third day the bride received the  wedding gifts at home.
Weddings had always been dedicated to the goddess Hera, the patron of the institution of marriage.

In modern Greece until today Thursday before the wedding they decorates the  bridal bed . The single girlfriends of the bride decorates it with white sheets and white handmade cover.
They also throws on bed, wedding candies and rice to " sweeten " and " root " the common life of the couple. Friends and relatives of the couple resting in bed their babies , first a boy or a girl , depending on what sex the couple prefers to be their first child. They also throws money. This process symbolizes fertility , happiness and economic prosperity.

At the ceremony, wreaths are joined by a white ribbon that symbolizes the unity of the new couple. A much loved tradition is the throwing of rice from the guest during the ceremony so the marriage makes deep roots.

When the bride and groom arrive at their new home , the two mothers welcome by give them to eat honey with nuts to have a sweet life and to fortify the groom for the night is coming!