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Festival Kastoria “ALEXIADA”

The Municipality of Kastoria announces the launch of the 2nd Festival of Medieval Byzantine Kastoria "Alexiada", with the cooperation of the authorities and the Diocese of Kastoria and the warm voluntary synergy of citizens, will be the organized the festival which  last year made widely sense within and outside Greece.

   Starting on 22/8 2013 at Panagia Koumbelidiki with the theatre performance “Migrating" (by the cultural group"Myisis") we will be taken back in time for all the next ten days, to walk in the musical landscape of our traditional tunes with Chronis Aidonidis, Nektaria Karanzti and Theodosia Stiga, be moved by the Choir of the Music Department of the Ionian University in the work of Dimitris Maragopoulos "Elafos", based on function 1cent. AD, to reflect with the music of Codex and La Vaga Harmonia, have fun with the experimental theater group frACTals,  meet the Flag- Wavers of Carovigno on city streets, wander  around in the Byzantine Kastoria and the Open Medieval Market at Ntoltso Square, opening our hearts to the surprises awaiting us at every corner with events and images of unique beauty, unforgotten flavors, tours and educational programs. The closure is the  1/9  at the Monastery Mavriotisa and includes the interactive representation of the   Kastoria's take over by Alexios I Komnenos, with the participation of volunteers in historical costumes. The program will close with a festive concert by Maria Fotiou.

              Alexiada is:
•    An appointment between East and West
•    A meeting for artists
•    An approach to Tradition through Art
•    A History’s  and Heritage’s transformation through Art
•    A dynamic element for research and new tendencies in ArtA bridge between Science and Art
•    A deepening in the culture of the Byzantine Era
•    A fusion of the local and the International Culture
•    An open Space for Training in Art
•    A cross-point amongst different Art
A city on the lake. A castle above the city. The trace of its waters.

Official Website :


The programme for 2013 :
• 22/08 Opening at Panagia Koumpelidiki:
-21.30: “Migrating" musical theater performance by the cultural group "Myisis" (based on the recent version of  "Kinisan ta Kastoriana Karavia") dedicated to the city of Kastoria and emigrants and expatriates Kastorians
 -22.30: Choir "Armonia" in Kastorian old songs and  Happening with volunteers in historical costumes   -  
 -22.40:  Monastery of Mavriotissa- Procession of the icon of  Virgin Maria, by the Archibishop of Kastoria Seraphim
• 23/08 - 21:30:“The Great Concert of Remembrance" with Chronis Aidonidis, Nectaria Karantzi, Theodosia Stiga - the lakeside settlement Dispilio
• 24/08 -19:30: Opening of the exhibition by architect Michael Vassilopoulos with models of the Monasteries of Mount Athos: "When architecture becomes meditation"
- Volunteers actions: theatrical analogy "Ballad of Digenis" with accompaniment Pontian music-in the mansion Vergoulas.
• 25/8 – 19.30:Voluntary actions: Presentation of the book "The emerald and sea" Liana Denezaki - Theatrical lectern
-21:30:Codex, medieval music band concert in the mansion Sapountzi, district Apozari  
• 26/8 - Byzantine Vespers in the Church of Ag. Georgios Politias, with the Archbisop Seraphim and the Byzantine Choir of the Diocesis of Kastoria
-21:30 :Volunteers actions: "Robert and Catherine" theatrical lectern by D.Ioannidi - courtyard of Agioi Anargiroi Church
• 27/8 - 19:30: Volunteers actions: Outdoor chess,  by the Chess Club of  Kastoria with the young volunteers of 5th Primary School Kastoria, in Omonia square.
-21:30: Concert by the Music Polytropo Square Ntoltso (?)
• 28/8  -19:30: La Vaga Harmonia, Renaissance music trio from Naples, in the courtyard of Agia Paraskevi Church - Ntoltso
• 29/8 - Voluntary actions: street theater with elements of Comedia dell 'Arte.
• 30/8   -21:30:” Brantamante and Marfisa-the Suspended time" performance based on Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando Furioso" by the  Research Theatre Group FraCTals, in the courtyard of St. Paraskevi Church - Ntoltso.
• 31/8   -21:30 The choir and orchestra of the Music Department of the Ionian University of Corfu in the gardens of the Diocesis of Kastoria.
• 1/9 - Historical Representation of Kastoria;s recapture by the Emperor Alexius I Komnenos: festive theatrical happening with volunteer in historical costumes , at the Monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa. -Immediately after festive concert with Maria Fotiou. * of 26/8 and up to 1/9.
• The  Carovigno flag -wavers  from Poulia-   street demonstrations  around the city.
• Open Byzantine Medieval Market, events and performances by artists and students of TEI Kastoria and the students of the Fine Arts - "The game of Gkiostras" for young Knights and young  Dames in Ntoltso square.
• Educational programs for ecology, traditional toys, technology and sustainability in Byzantium and tours for children and adults in Byzantine monuments. And: from 23/08 to 29/08 Seminar on  theater education with the director and academic Dr. John Scrartz (For subscriptions contact the secretariat of the festival).
• Possible changes in the program and with regard to space and time will be published in time.

Official Trailer ALEXIADA