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Kastoriá, a city which boasts a long fur trade tradition!

This winter set out on a journey to Kastoriá, Macedonia’s hidden treasure! The city that flourished during the 19th century due to fur trade is built on the shores of the beautiful lake Orestiáda, surrounded by imposing mountains.
Wander around the old neighbourhoods of Doltsó and Apozári, and admire the 19th century grand mansions (three-storey buildings with large windows and enclosed balconies), owned by the rich fur traders of Kastoriá!
Take a leisurely walk around the lake, watch the birds that inhabit this fantastic wetland, or board on the ferry to enjoy a romantic lake cruise! Climb to the top of the hill, and take in breathtaking views of the city.
Visit “Dragon’s Cave”, the only cave in Greece with fresh-water lakes. Winter sport fans should visit the Vitsi ski centre, and ski down beech-covered slopes.
Kastoriá is also famous for its rich cultural events. Every summer an exciting river party is organised on the banks of Aliákmonas river, while during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, the locals recreate a three-day Dionyssian custom (6th-8th January), called “ragoutsária”.
If you want to be part of this feast, disguise yourself and wear scary masks in order to ward off evil spirits!