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Koufonisia Greece is a mesmerizing set of little Greek islands of the Cyclades group, in the Aegean Sea. It

The Koufonisia islands are two small islets of the small Cyclades of Greece. The upper Koufonisi and lower Koufonisi are hard to locate even on a map, but offer infinite beauty capable of seducing even the most restrained visitor!

Many things could be said to describe them, however in reality they defy description. No words can truly illustrate the magic the visitor experiences from the very first moment they set foot on the Koufonisia islands.

The Aegean seas sun bathes the golden beaches and turquoise waters where the sea has sculpted the rocks into unique shapes and sea caves from whence the names of the islands are derived (Koufonisia - Hollow islands). Neighboring Keros captures the eye and the friendly, hospitable people make you feel as though you were part of one big happy group.

The Koufonisia have fanatic friends, whoever gets a taste of the extraordinary beauty never abandons them. In fact, for many years the recurring vacationers attempted to hide the destination of their vacations.

The years have gone by and the secret has gotten out, many have learned about these islands so you will not be totally alone. Every year new visitors disembark on the islands and new accommodations are being constructed (hotel, apartments, studios, and rooms to rent) are being built to cover their needs. The Koufonisia have just entered the tourist list.

However, every image and indication of the old way is still apparent to be seen, the magic and the positive energy is still there, and it still makes people feel lucky to have discovered this secret paradise on the Cyclades islands.
The Koufonisia in spite of being small, as are all the small eastern Cyclades, offer some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Greece. Dreamlike golden beaches with crystalline emerald and turquoise waters circled by san dunes or sculpted rocky outcrops with their unique golden colors and many hidden coves. The mountains of Naxos and Amorgos protect them from the strong northern summer winds called the Meltemi characteristic of the Cyclades islands. Crowded or not, all the beaches of the Koufonisia have been formed almost as though they are attempting to seduce you into staying forever!

At the upper Koufonisi, to the northwest you will find Parianos, a cove with a wide sandy beach well protected from the winds and a favorite harbor for the picturesque small fishing boats. It is the generous wide harbor beach with clear shallow waters a short distance from the village which is preferred by the locals, children and anyone not wishing to go too far.

The most beautiful beaches however are gathered on the eastern side of the island.

At the end of the beachfront road you will see Finika also known as Harokopou, whose name comes from the hotel restaurant at that location belonging to Dimitris Mavrou. This is a golden beach with turquoise waters which is preferred by families.

This is followed by another beach with similar golden sands and waters called Fanos sometimes also Defteri meaning Second (beach). There is a hotel at that location which opened recently and the area and waters are a favorite of the younger generation an all who partake in sea sport.

Continuing east we meet many hidden coves for those that wish to be alone and end up at Italida or Platia Pounda, which is the most popular of the islands beaches and perhaps one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades. A small cove at the one end is favored by those who feel a swimming costume is not essential.

Even farther to the east we see many more small coves with sand or pebbles and rocks that form caves and among them is Pisina a natural hollow pool which is what the name means with crystal clear waters.

Northeast of upper Koufonisi is Pori, a big golden beach and also among the most beautiful of the Cyclades ideal for wind surfing. it is paradise on earth accessible by a road from the inland where two beach bars are a favorite watering hole for all visitors.

At the very northern end of the island is Xylovati promontory with a splendid view of Naxos and Gala where you can dive for sea caves in the clear Aegean waters.

Lower Koufonisi offers beaches just as beautiful but even more remote and the best known are Fykio, Deti, Nero and Pezoulia.
•    Swimming
•    Hiking
•    Cycling
•    Beach volley
•    Walking
•    Snorkeling
•    Fishing
•    Water sport
•    Diving
•    Wind surfing
These are just a few of the activities available to the more adventurous. For the vacationer who really needs some rest and recreation, there are some truly beautiful remote beaches with the characteristically pristine, crystal clear waters for which the Greek islands are renowned and where you can laze about soaking up the sun and blissful quiet.