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The choice of location for the marriage ceremony and honeymoon is one way to create lasting memories. Thus, Greece never

 loses her charm and is among the top honeymoon destinations. It offers so many posibilities that it is ready to deliver exactly what you need every marriage - the sweetest memory!
Places and islands like Santorini with her unique charm, cosmopolitan Mykonos, Rhodes with the Knights' Castle, the beautiful island of Corfu, the green Halkidiki are always high on preferences Greeks and foreigners.
Crete with the Greek personification of manliness waiting for a honeymoon in the place that gave birth to Kazantzakis, Chios embellished with lemon blossom and Pelion the mountain of centaurus  invites you to start from here your new life!

  Wherever you choose to go you can stay in amazing hotels with good service, enjoy unique landscapes and above all to feel .. just married!