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Easter in Corfu

If you only get one chance in a lifetime to visit Corfu, you'd better choose spring and especially Easter week. You will feel overwhelmed by the flowers, you will feel surprised by the green, you will be taken away by music, you will get unprecedented feelings by the religious and celebrating events.

In Corfu island  Holy Week ceremonies begin on Palm Sunday. At 11.00 in the morning, the litany of the Holy Shrine of Saint Spyridon takes place in recognition of the miraculous deliverance of the island from the spread of the deadly plague in 1629. This litany is the largest in size and length, and follows the trail of the old Venetian city walls. All the Philharmonics (the brass bands) of this Ionian island participate to honour the Patron Saint of Corfu. On the same night, the Mántzaros Philharmonic presents a solemn concert which beautifully evokes the melancholy mood of the Passion, or Holy, Week.
To enjoy all the religious celebrations held in the city of Corfu, here is your Holy Week programme:

Easter in Corfu