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A gastronomic trip to Aráhova

Have you started organizing your approaching ski journey?

The winter vacations to Aráhova have a lot to offer to you. Aráhova is a mountainous village bundled picturesquely on Parnassós Mountain in Viotia. It is the most cosmopolite destination in Greece for the winter time!
Aráhova hosts (from early November till late April) more than 150,000 visitors to its snow-covered slopes, every year. This is due to its closeness to Athens. You can relax in the dreamy mountainous scenery and enjoy the modern touristic facilities. By visiting this destination you will experience Greece’s favourite place for ski lovers and celebrities.  
Feel the traditional spirit of the village by taking relaxed walks within the narrow cobblestone roads. You can enjoy hot and sweet, or soft and fruity drinks in hive cafés, or traditional Greek coffee shops. You can also taste the local’s food production in gourmet shops, or fine restaurants.
Award yourself with a taste of the local specialities and experience delicious gourmet dishes: you can try kontosouvli (pieces of pork skewered and placed on a rotisserie combined with tomatos, onions, peppers and spiced with salt, pepper, oregano and garlic), kokorétsi ( the lamb’s bowels stuffed with organ meat), sarmádes ( stuffed grape leaves), handmade trahanás ( it can be sweet or sour pasta soup), traditional pies as well as hilopites (noodles made of egg cut into small pieces).
The notorious cheese called “formaéla” is also produced in Aráhova. It is a hard rind cheese of quite mild flavour- something you definitely should not miss!
Have a sip of the divine Parnassós local wine, the red “Mavroudi”, the appellation of which was officially designated in 2006. The “black Aráhova wine” is a full-bodied and prolific variety that produces wines of a deep red hue with high alcohol content.
Try the divine local wine Parnassós, as well as, the red Mavroudi. Moreover, you should go for the so-called “black Aráhova wine” which is a full-bodied and fruitful diversity of wines of a deep red colour and high content of alcohol.
Complete your meal with traditional spoon-sweets, or even better, try yogurt with honey, a dessert served compliments of the house. If you are a gourmet specialist, or simply a food lover, you will certainly agree with us: Aráhova is a gastronomic treasure-trove!
Your meal can be completed with the traditional spoon-sweets, or you can try the traditional yogurt with honey. These are desserts usually served as compliments of the house. Whether you are a gourmet specialist, or just a food lover, you would most probably agree with us that Aráhova is a treasure-trove in gastronomy!